Forward Head Posture

Average human head weight is around 4.5~5.4kg. Forward transition of head will lead to increase the head weight upto 12~18kg. This means people with forward head posture will use double or triple amount of muscles to support their head throughout the day. No wonder neck and shoulders become stiff and heavy.


Improving posture is not that simple. It is misconception that poor posture is due to lack of attention in posture. Posture is a process that operated by reflex. Which means posture will be made throughout the day without realising it. Good example is breathing. People breath approximately 17,000 to 30,000 times per day. Never aware of it. Breathing can be controlled such as slow, fast or stopped. People attempt to maintain good posture intentionally for the whole day will be equal to “I am going to breath 25,000 times today”.


In the next month’s article, I will write about how to avoid poor posture from happening.

by Dr Jarod Kim


The Millwater Mag - 2018 August Edition

It is a sad reality that nowaday people spend much time looking down into something, such as a mobile phone or computer screen. Prolonged static posture will eventually deplete all the related postural muscles’ energy. When there are no more muscles to maintain the desired posture oneself want or require, brain send urge to change the posture into something else such as, crossing the legs, slouch forward or lean against onto something.

And this is how Forward Head Posture (FHP) is formed.


FHP can be easily tested. You need two people to do the test.

The testee stands naturally.

The examiner stands side of the testee, looking at the side posture. (You can take a photo of the side posture)

Mark a dot or imaginary dot on the centre of arm of the testee, draw a vertical line straight upward to the ear.

If the line passess the ear, it means the head is positioned optimally.

If the line passess behind the ear, it means the head is shifted forwardly.





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