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Silverdale Chiropractic,

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At Silverdale Chiropractic Acupuncture, we aim to IMPROVE & MAINTAIN people’s general health. 

We believe combining chiropractic, acupuncture care & theraputic massage together brings SYNERGY EFFECT.

Our experienced and qualified team members provide evidence based practice and also the traditional philosophy of chiropractic and acupuncture approach to deliver results.



I was born in South Korea and moved to New Zealand in 2001. Graduated Pakuranga college in 2004, began my first year in University of Auckland studying Medicinal Chemistry in 2005.


During the course of the programme, I had a paradigm-shifting epiphany that changed my definition of health. That is when I was introduced to chiropractic world and the journey began since then. 


In December 2010 I graduated New Zealand College of Chiropractic and became a board registered chiropractor in February 2011.

After that, I became an associate to learn and gain experience different type of practices. I have worked in both Home-based health clinic to very busy, fast-paced style in Singapore. (New Zealand is the BEST country to live by the way!)

My belief is that people who receive chiropractic care need to be educated in a chiropractic point of view. I want patients who visit me, to understand chiropracTIC to maximise the benefit and efficacy of my work. I provide a detailed diagnosis in a simple way so that it is well understood by patients


My passion is to enhance people's lives by helping them maximize their health so if you want to find out whether chiropractic is the answer to your health issue, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

A bit about my personal life: I got married to my beautiful wife Jennifer in 2015, and since then we searched for an area where we could settle and build our lives & future. In June 2018, we have moved to this wonderful community in Millwater, Silverdale.

I enjoy reading books, cooking, listening to 80's music (Journey), love learning and gaining new knowledge in all aspects of life! 



Dr Jenny has a Degree in Health science majoring in Acupuncture, Tuina


Dr Jenny has a positive, gentle and thoughtful focus to provide care and treatment specifically for her patients.

Her unique professional and precise approach to healthcare enables the treatment of the main causes of pain rather than just the symptoms and offering healthy solutions that allow patients to engage in a life free of pain and restriction.